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Raudhah Festival
organized by FSCC CFS IIUM

PRESSS combined with Engenius for falaq exhibiton
from Jabatan Mufti Selangor
alhamdulillah. all was doing fine.

for this festival, there were many activities being held in CFS IIUM

Islamic Musical Night
Far East, UNIC, Algebra Live Band

there was Paintball Competition held by Adventure and Recreational Club during RAFEST
there were many societies fighting for the paintball cup and that's including PRESSS 

so this is the result :

1st place - PRESSS
2nd place - FSCC main com
3rd place - FMC
4th place - Medcy
5th place - Taekwondo

PRESSS team won! congratulations!

yup. the cafeteria was closed. but there were so many booth opened,
selling foods, t-shirts and many more. all societies were involved in this festival
including PRESSS.

PRESSS opened a stall selling some foods and drinks
we sold these :

Char Kuey Teow
Maggi Murtabak
Ice Blended

we took turns to watch the stall
alhamdulillah the stall was doing great business
*kaching kaching* $$$

PRESSS stall

the best from utagha!

busy doing maggi murtabak

RAFEST was a great event. PRESSS got so many things in this festival.
hope PRESSS will do better for the next year RAFEST.
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Mini Sports Carnival 2010

Mini Sports Carnival 2010

organized by PRESSS and MRC ABC. 
this carnival was on Deepavali. so there were many students went home.
thus, the participants were not so many. but the games went awesome.

these are the games held in MSC

100 Meter Sprint
Tug of War



hampers for the winners

cheers! MSC 2010

Feel The Heat, Feel The Spirit!
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