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Searching for Athletes

we're searching for new athletes to represent PRESSS
in Sports and Martial Arts Carnival (SMAC 2011)

so are you in? contact us.

this is the formal jersey of PRESSS

all sisters athletes will be wearing this jersey
and for brothers, only for Tug of War team

this year we are ORANGE!
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PRESSS Career Talk 2010

PRESSS Career Talk 2010

Date : 7 December 2010
Venue : Lecture Hall A for Biological Science
Lecture Hall B for Physical Science

Program Manager 
Biological Science : Qutham (Publication&Information)
Physical Science : Qayyum (Education&Training)

Secretary : Sarah 
Treasurer : Daeng

Biological Science committee
PC : Alubah
Prep&Tech : Hariz
Pub Info : Azza
Special Task : Hazirah
Protocol : Syazwan Rahimi & Sayzwani 1

Physical Science committee
PC : Muhaimin
Prep&Tech : Hafiz Yazid
Pub Info : Emilyana
Special Task : Iilani
Protocol : Jazmi & Sayzwani 2

although there were many problems before the talk;
unconfirmed venue, time clashed with the exam, speakers' free time;
but then alhamdulillah we managed to held this event

the participants are great. LHA and LHB were full of PRESSS members
the tentative went smoothly as planned. the speakers were all sporting.

we hope all PRESSS members have got useful tips and information
from the speakers about your career and future.

at the end of the event

thanks to all who had helped in succeeding this event

glory PRESSS!
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Raudhah Festival
organized by FSCC CFS IIUM

PRESSS combined with Engenius for falaq exhibiton
from Jabatan Mufti Selangor
alhamdulillah. all was doing fine.

for this festival, there were many activities being held in CFS IIUM

Islamic Musical Night
Far East, UNIC, Algebra Live Band

there was Paintball Competition held by Adventure and Recreational Club during RAFEST
there were many societies fighting for the paintball cup and that's including PRESSS 

so this is the result :

1st place - PRESSS
2nd place - FSCC main com
3rd place - FMC
4th place - Medcy
5th place - Taekwondo

PRESSS team won! congratulations!

yup. the cafeteria was closed. but there were so many booth opened,
selling foods, t-shirts and many more. all societies were involved in this festival
including PRESSS.

PRESSS opened a stall selling some foods and drinks
we sold these :

Char Kuey Teow
Maggi Murtabak
Ice Blended

we took turns to watch the stall
alhamdulillah the stall was doing great business
*kaching kaching* $$$

PRESSS stall

the best from utagha!

busy doing maggi murtabak

RAFEST was a great event. PRESSS got so many things in this festival.
hope PRESSS will do better for the next year RAFEST.
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Mini Sports Carnival 2010

Mini Sports Carnival 2010

organized by PRESSS and MRC ABC. 
this carnival was on Deepavali. so there were many students went home.
thus, the participants were not so many. but the games went awesome.

these are the games held in MSC

100 Meter Sprint
Tug of War



hampers for the winners

cheers! MSC 2010

Feel The Heat, Feel The Spirit!
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PRESSS Mighty Mind

Discovery Week 2010

PRESSS had held this special event in one night given to PRESSS
during this Discovery Week

so on 28 October 2010, PRESSS had a

Mighty Mind Night

6 groups consists of 3 groups from brothers and 3 groups from sisters.
thanks to Emilyana for finding sisters groups.
the event started at 9 pm with all participants ready.

this event was handled by Mohd Fitri Nizam
so most of the commitees were working under him
other committees and mainboard came just to help

so these are the pictures during the event;

committees were in their jobs
head Edu and head Econs
answering questions
random sciences questions~
first place. group form brothers.

well, the team is great. they managed to answer 15/20 for the final questions,
while the girls managed to answer only 5/20.
so congratulations to the winner dan runner up

the tags for the committees

alhamdulillah. this event went smoothly.
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PRESSS Ifthar Jama'ie 2010

On 26 August 2010, we held a special ceremony for Former Committees and Advisors of PRESSS 2009/2010. The ceremony begins at 6.30 pm till 8.00 pm at the Seminar Room. Although the ceremony was not very lively, but it still runs smoothly. Here are some pictures during the ceremony :

Invitation Card

Our advisor, Madam Faizah Binti Jaafar

Former President of PRESSS 09/10

Madam Faizah give gifts to Sir Nazim, Former Advisor of PRESSS 09/10

Token of Appreciation

Bro.Muhaimin, President of PRESSS 2010/2011 with Madam Faizah

PRESSS Advisors

Former Committees of PRESSS 09/10 (Brothers)

Former Committees of PRESSS 09/10 (Sisters)

Committees of PRESSS 2010/2011
From left: Bro.Ghazali, Bro.Daeng, Bro.Amir

 Waiting for Ifthar time

 Photo Memories

Congratulations to all the committees who has work hard to ensure the success of the PRESSS Ifthar Jama'ie 2010 for Former Committees and Advisors of PRESSS 2009/2010.

BRAVO!!! :)

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PRESSS New Organization Chart

PRESSS New Organization Chart

click for larger view

all the best to all
may Allah bless us :)
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Good Luck To All!

PRESSS would like to wish 


to all CFS IIUM students
who are taking their final examination
this week. may Allah be with you.

all the best :)

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Selamat Hari Raya!

dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

PRESSS ingin mengucapkan

kepada :
semua warga pendidik CFS IIUM;
semua ahli PRESSS;
semua warga CFS IIUM;
semua pembaca blog ini

Maaf Zahir dan Batin

mohon maaf atas segala kesalahan & kesilapan
daripada pihak PRESSS
semoga semua berbahagia di hari yg mulia ini
may Allah bless :)

Raya! Raya! Raya!

p/s: jgn dilupakan final exam yg akan bermula
sebaik sahaja cuti raya tamat. all the best!
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Selamat Balik Kampung

click for a larger view
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PRESSS Blog Back Online

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

 Welcome back to PRESSS Blog in our new facelift and URL address.
We hope that the person reading this is in a pink of health.
Recently, PRESSS Blog went offline for renovation and we apologise if there's any inconvenience caused.

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Annual Grand Dinner 2010

Tahniah diucapkan kepada semua committee first year yang telah bertungkus-lumus untuk menjayakan Annual Grand Dinner 2010 untuk pelajar second year PRESSS. Berikut adalah gambar ketika AGD diadakan pada hari Jumaat bersamaan 29 Jan 2010. Saksikan:

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Majlis Kesyukuran & Perpisahan

Sebenarnya brothers yang telah bertungkus-lumus menghidupkan bara api sejak dari 6.30 ptg.
Giliran sisters menjaga dapur bermula pada jam 8 malam. Maaf, gambar brothers kami tak sempat nak ambik. Terima kasih kepada mereka yang terlibat dalam unit barbeque.


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